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Hunting in Slovakia

In the Slovak forests live a lot of wild animals such as moufflons, hinds, deers, roes, wild boars which attract many foresters and hunters.

We will take the guests from a place of accommodation at the place of hunting by car. The guest will make hunting together with the local hunting guide and interpreter.

It is possible to hunt either morning or afternoon. The hunting could last 1 or more days (normally 1 - 4 days). A length of hunting will depend on the special references of the hunter (the size of trophy he wants to get), experience of the hunter, weather conditions.

Species for Hunting and Hunting Seasons

Roe deer: 16.5. - 30.9
Red deer: 16.8. - 15.1.
Fallow deer: 1.9. - 15.1.
Mouflon sheep: 1.8. - 15.1. (hunting on the some species, such as mouflon we are able to organize all the year).
Wild boar: 16.7.-31.12.

Renting of Guns

308 win.

Necessary Documents for Importation of Guns into the Country

We send a guest Invitation for importing of gun. To provide this document, we need from the guest copies of: hunting licence, licence for using a gun, passport.


We help you:

- with transportation of trophies;

- with service of taxidermy;

- with packaging of trophies.

Additional services

  • Car transfers from the airports of Bratislava (137 km.), Vienna (187 km.), Budapest (180 km.);
  • Accommodation in the hunting chalet with the possibility of full board;
  • Excursions to the historical towns: Bratislava, Banska Stiavnica, Banska Bystrica, visiting at catles, forests, mansion houses with possibility of wine degustation and tasting of traditional Slovak meals.

For the price estimation please, send us e-mail on: