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Fishing in the Danube


Gret fishing experience in the river Danube, at the town Štúrovo in Slovakia (180 km far from Bratislava). In the big Danube you will fish in free nature and you would have a chance to catch local small sterlet "Acipenser ruthenus".

In summer 2015 I was very pleased to organize a trip for one of the most enthusiastic fishermen in the world - Mr. Steven Wozniak from the USA. His fishing is based on hunting different species - he has caught over 1400 (See his fishing experience in the Slovakian side of the Danube, published in his blog: 1000fish.wordpress.com).

Although Steve did not catch in the Danube his desired Acipenser ruthenus or Huso huso, according to his saying, his trip was very successful. He ended up his trip with three new species - the striped rurffe, Gymnocephalus schraetzer,  the Danube bream, Ballerus sapa, and the streber, Zingel streber. This takes his total to 1458 species. Slovakia was his 86th country where he caught a fish.

Additionally, he will submite two world record applications to the IGFA. The first is for a 10 pound Wels on 4 pound line, the second was for a white bream, Blicca bkoerka, of 1.75 pounds. If approved, these records would be (after fishing in Slovakia in August 1-3, 2015) his 122nd and 123rd records.

Kind of fish

Pike (Esox lucius), Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus), Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser guldenstaedti), European Mudminnow (Umbra krameri), Whiteye Bream, Danube Bream (Abramis sapa), Blue Bream, Zope (Abramis ballerus), Ide, Orfe (Leuciscus idus), Carp (Cyprinus carpio), Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius), Nase, Nase Carp (Chondrostoma nasus), Wels, European Catfish (Silurus glanis) etc.

Main fishing season

Depends on the kind of fish.

Program and way of fishing

We will provide you with fishing baits according to your fishing preferences; it is also possible to take you to a special store for fishing supplies.

Service of the Fishing Guide of the Danube

No. of People
The 1st Day of Guiding
The 2nd Day of Guiding
The 3rd and More Days of Guiding
After 12 Hours of Guiding
Less than 6 hours
6-12 hours
17 EUR
15 EUR
-1 EUR
-2 EUR
11 EUR
10 EUR

*the price is per person and hour

Included in the program

Transport during fishing (max. 50 km/day).

Renting of boat during fishing (except of fuel 1,50 EUR per kilometer of driving).

Service of the fishing guide-instructor (English).

Excluded in the program

Fishing licence (50 EUR per person and 3 days) - for every licence you may use 2 fishing rods.

Baits (upon request).

Rent of fishing-gear (upon request).

Meals (upon request).

Accommodation (upon request).

Clothing/What to bring

We recommend to bring  float rod, several ledger rods, lure rods for perch or pike.

E-mail us now: requests@amazing-slovakia.com