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High Tatras Where to go? What to see?

Mountain lake Batizovské pleso

The High Tatras is the highest mountain range of the Carpathian mountains. About 75% lies in Slovakia, the northern part is in Poland. For sure the High Tatras is the best known recreational resort of Slovakia. Part of it is protected natural reserve. You won't see the animals living there, but on your walks they will surely observe you: for example the brown bear, the lynx and the chamois.


In winter the High Tatras provides a long skiing season, from December till May. Though the best developed area for winter sports in Slovakia remains the Low Tatras, skiing in the High Tatras is on the rise. On the other hand we are hoping that the High Tatras will not lose its wild, untouched characteristics, as the real quality of it is, its preserve of nature. That is why the best time to visit is from spring till late autumn.


Many hiking trails are leading through the High Tatras. You may choose from easy hiking for one day, taking the cable-way up, or you may stay a few nights high up, hiking from one chalet to another and staying the night there. The only thing you will need to bring is a sleeping bag or sheets; a bed, blankets and meals and drinks are provided. We advice you to come hiking in spring or autumn, and to avoid July and August, unless you like very warm summer weather and crowds of hikers.


All through the High Tatras are pensions and hotels. The nicest place to stay is Tatranská Lomnica as you find there a few typical Slovak restaurants and it still has a bit of a village character. Moreover, in Tatranská Lomnica is a beautiful museum showing the flora and fauna of the High Tatras, and the small but charming botanical gardens.


The village Ždiar is less visited and shows a lot of original wooden houses from the ancient times, and Štrbské Pleso is more like a holiday resort. All villages are easily connected by railway or regular busses. The quality of the camping sites are getting better, but are still less good than in most other regions of Slovakia.


The High Tatras is the only region in Slovakia where you won't find any thermal spas, for the simple reason that you are too high up. You will breath in the pure mountainous air which is as good or even better than drinking minereal water at health spas. No wonder one of Europe's best known authors decided to stay in the High Tatras, to heal his weak lungs. In 1921 Franz Kafka stayed 8 months in the village of Tatranské Matliare. You will find there a memorial stone, in remembrance of his stay.


If you visit Slovakia, surely come and visit the High Tatras. Let us know your wishes and preferences. We will gladly organize your stay in this still so untouched area of Slovakia.

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