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Day trip from High Tatras to the National park Pieniny

Rafting on the Dunajec

When staying in the High Tatras, you may consider to make a day-trip to the National park Pieniny in the north-east of Slovakia. We are offering the following visits and activities that are absolutely worthwhile:


Visit to the monastery of the Carthusian Order, Červený kláštor (Red Monastery, as the walls are of red colour). The buildings and gardens are situated in the national park, right underneath the majestic rock formations Tri koruny (Three Crowns). According to the legend, the monk Cyprian flew in the 18th century from these rocks with a selfmade hang glider. The same monk collected 272 medicinal herbs which he stored and described in a book, which is on display nowadays.

After your visit to the monastery, you will be making a 1,5 hour rafting trip on the river Dunajec. The wooden rafts are floating through a gorgeous, deep canyon and are being lead by local 'raftsmen', dressed in the original clothes of the region. At the finish, you may either walk or cycle back on an easy path along the water to the monastery.

You will have a hearty lunch in a restaurant with specialities of the region which is called after the Gorals who live there, a Slavic tribe on the border with Poland. Specialities are for example soup of sauerkraut with home-made sausage or goulash of sheep.

On the way back to the High Tatras, you will stop at the castle of the little town of Strážky. In the castle once lived and worked one of Slovakia's best painters, Ladislav Mednyanszký. His mostly impressionist paintings from the end of the 19th, start of the 20th century, are inspired by the rough nature and poor locals of the surroundings.


Let us know your preferences or special interests, and we will make you a tailor-made program proposal. Would you like to combine this program with the others or would you like to enlarge the number of days? We are always able to make you an itinerary according to your wishes!

E-mail us now: requests@amazing-slovakia.com