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Christmas Time and New Year's Eve in Bratislava

Christmas fair in Bratislava

Christmas Fair in Bratislava

From Friday 18th November, Bratislava will be full of Christmas atmosphere. On two of the main squares of the city will be held the Christmas fair which will last till Friday 23rd December, daily from 10 AM till 10 PM.

One finds here typical Slovak winter food and drinks: many kinds of grilled meat, potatoe pancakes filled with goose liver, cabbage soup, goulash. Drinks are for example warm wine, different kinds of grog, wodka. Also many sweet cakes are on offer, like poppy-seed cake, sweet pancakes. This is surely not a time for diet.

Many stands offer Slovak handicrafts, like artifacts made of ceramics, pottery, tinkering, beeswax. And throughout the day and evening several open-air concerts are held, from folklore to Christmas carols and classical music.

At this time of year, almost every evening the Slovak National Theater shows an opera or ballet performance, and the Slovak Philharmonics perform classical concerts.

During the day you may visit some of the many museums throughout town, like the Slovak National Museum at the castle of Bratislava, the Slovak National Gallery at the Danube in the centre of town.

All in all, Bratislava offers a very friendly and enjoyable Christmas weekend for visitors from all over the world, a great introduction to further visits to the rest of Slovakia.

New Year's Eve in Bratislava

New Year's Eve in Bratislava becomes each year more and more popular not along among Slovaks, but also among foreigners. In the old town of Bratislava there is celebration from late afternoon till after midnight. On several squares are live music performances, with a broad spectrum of music like folk, gypsy, pop and disco. Traffic is not allowed, as are fireworks and glass bottles, and though not everybody respects these rules, in general the atmosphere is very pleasant with youngsters, families and elderly people celebrating together.

In case of bad weather, the many cafes and restaurants in town provide shelter and garantuee partying until the morning hours. Though shops and museums are still open all day on 31st December, 1st January is truely a restday.

Consider going to Bratislava and celebrate the arrival of New Year's Eve, but don't hesitate too long with making your hotel booking.