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Traditional Spa Stay

Traditional Spa Stay Danubius Hotels Group Spa Piestany

Advent, Christmas and New Year's Eve
from 03.11.2019 to 12.01.2020

double room
single room

Included in the price of Traditional Spa Stay
  • accommodation with full board
  • doctor health examinations (initial and final)
  • 24 treatments per week
  • water and sauna world (Thermia Palace, Esplanade)
  • swimming pool
  • Premier Fitness
  • minimum stay - 7 nights
  • Christmas Eve 50 EUR p.p. in Thermia Palace,
    35 EUR p.p. in Esplanade, 29 EUR p.p. in Splendid
  • New Year's Eve 125 EUR p.p. in Thermia Palace,
    95 EUR p.p. in Esplanade, 75 EUR p.p. in Splendid
  • Tourist tax: 1,50 EUR/person/night
Reservations: requests@amazing-slovakia.com

Traditional Spa Stay is intended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and the musculoskeletal system, with healing effects of unique thermal mineral water and sulphureous mud.

Therapeutic program is individually based on the guest's state of health.

Recommended length of stay to achieve the favourable healing effect is 2-3 weeks. Minimal length of stay is 7 nights.

Package includes:


Accommodation with full board – buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner; special diet in case of osteoporosis indication.

Medical Treatment

  • Doctor and health examinations (initial and final) with a special emphasis on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and related complications.
  • Doctor's visit – once per week.
  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests with doctor’s prescription – for stays with a minimum duration 13 nights.
  • Medical report at the end of the stay.
  • Healing treatments: individual therapeutic programme with up to 24 treatments per week (7 nights), based on the guest’s health and doctor’s prescription. The programme includes 4 active rehabilitation treatments per week, such as group exercises or fitness training with a fitness trainer.

Our doctors prescribe treatments for all traditional spa stays, selecting from following groups:

  • treatments using the unique thermal mineral water and healing sulphureous mud;
  • special rehabilitation using therapeutic physical training, reflex treatment and classic massages;
  • other treatments based on the physician's prescription, composed of hydrotherapy, heat therapy, electro therapy, carbon therapy and others.
Group 1 - max 6 per week: Individual thermal mineral bath, Local mud pack, Mud pool, Thermal bath – Mirror pool, Individual bubble bath, Peloidtherapy, Carbon dioxide thermal bath, Hydromassage, Underwater jet massage, Underwater traction.

Group 2 - max 3 per week: Traction, Antispastic kinezitherapy, Scottish spray, Whirlpool, Stepping bath, Carbon insufflations, Inhalation, Aqua cycling, Electrotherapy, Ergotherapy, Mechanotherapy, Laser therapy, Bioptron lamp, Local cryotherapy, Repuls, Rehabilitation path, Verticalisation, Prissnitz´s packs, Paraffin for hands, Psychotherapy.

Group 3 - max 2 per week: Individual therapeutic exercise, Soft techniques, Segment reflex massage, Individual sling exercise therapy, Partial medical massage, Parafango pack, Paraffin pack.

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