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Activities in Topoľčianky and its Surroundings

With the help of our local guide you are able to discover the real pearls of Topoľčianky region, such as Arboretum Mlyňany, the National Stud Farm with its museum of horses, the unique nature reserve of the European Bison, Topoľčianky Castle, clay-pigeon shooting, hiking and many, many more.

Topoľčianky Cycling Tour

By bike you may discover the beauty of nature and many historical sights in the region of Topoľčianky. We are offering you 12 well-indicated bicycle routes with a total length of more than 260 km. All routes are starting from the same spot and are divided into different levels of difficulty. For more information click on: Topoľčianky Cycling Tour.

Clay-pigeon Shooting

Clay-shooting in ObyceAn unforgettable experience is clay-pigeon shooting in the local forests among friendly foresters and hunters.

Shooting is suitable for beginners too. The whole procedure is under guidance of expert instructors and foresters.

An essential part of clay-pigeon shooting is the traditonal Slovak home-made slivovica. The foresters will prepare an excellent goulash.Hrusov Castle


Many indicated hiking routes rise from the valleys in Pohronský Inovec or Tribeč Mt.. You will experience rich flora and fauna, ruins of medieval castles and fortresses. The woods are rich with mushrooms and forest fruits which one is allowed to collect.

Castle Museum

Excursion to the historical premisses and museum of Castle Topoľčianky (National Cultural Monument) - former summer residence of presidents of the Czechoslovak republic and of the Habsburg royal dynasty.

Sport Horses

Excursion to the Horse Breeding Farm in Topoľčianky. It is the only place on the old continent where four different breeds of horses (Arabian Thoroughbred, Lippizaner, Hucul and Slovak Warmblood) are raised.

Riding on a Team of Horses

Riding on a Team of HorsesRiding to the fish-pond in the castle park, to the ruins of the fortress Hrušov or the reserve of the European bison (according to your choice).

Wine Degustation in Topoľčianky

Tasting of regional wines (7 kinds of wine with 'pagáč' – special Slovak pastry) at the wine producer with excursion. Arboretum Mlynany

European Bison

Excursion to the Reserve of the European bison.

Arboretum Mlyňany

Excursion to Arboretum Mlynaňy, with its rare collection of more than 2500 spieces and varieties of trees, plants and flowers.

Thermal park with Water of the Dead Sea

Visit aquapark Podhajská with its thermal water of a temperature of +30 - +36°C. The thermal water in Podhajská is of a similar composition as that of the Dead Sea. The water has a curative effect on the locomotive apparatus and some skin diseases.

Rafting down the River Hron

Rafting down the River HronRafting down the river Hron (3-4 hours, easy level) in beautiful scenery, after rafting barbecue with beer, archery and relax on the bank of the river (minimum people: 10, rafting period: May – September).

Fishing in the River Hron

You will be taken by canoe to choose the right spot for fishing. We will provide you fishing gear and baits according to you fishing preferences; it is also possible to be taken to a special store with fishing supplies (main fishing season - from June till November).

Other Activities

Bowling Club, Disco, Fitness (in Zlaté Moravce, 4,5 km from Topoľčianky).

For more information email us now: info@amazing-slovakia.com