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Topoľčianky cycling tour - Route 01

In Jedľové Kostoľany
Very nice but quite difficult tour with these main attractions: Živánska - ruins of a watchtower from 14th century, Kamenné more (Stony Sea), Obycké lúky - meadows with protected plants, Veľký Inovec Mt. - highest top in the region (901 m) with fantastic view.


Difficulty: high

Length of tour: 48,5 km

Difference in height: 659 m

Terrain: asphalt and forest roads, meadows

Type of bike: mountain bike, trekking bike

Route Itinerary

Route 1Map of Topolcianky Cycling Route

    Route Profile (Large View) Map of Routes (Large View)

Zlaté Moravce (0,0) - Žitavany (3,0) - Machulince (5,0) - Obyce (7,5) - Jedľové Kostoľany (13,0) - Malá Lehota (19,5) - Veľká Lehota (22,) - Štamberk (24,0) - Veľký Inovec (29,0) - Obycké lúky (33,0) - Recr. areal Čaradice (39,0) - Road-house Zubor (41,5) - Volkovce (45,0) - Čierne Kľačany (48,5)


Zlaté Moravce - Church of st. Michael the Archangel, Museum, Castle of family Migazzi, Park of Piety - protected territory, Mausoleum of family Migazzi, Instructive tourist foot path, Maple-leaf platan (120 years old, protected tree).

Machulince - Oak tree (190 years old, protected), Water-mill (pension).
Obyce - Source of mineral waters, Exposition of minerals in Horné Požitavie.
Jedľové Kostoľany - Observation tower, Živánska - ruins of a watchtower from 14th century, Exposition of folk traditions.

Malá Lehota - Kamenné more (Stony Sea) - protected nature artefacts, Festival of bagpipers.
Veľká Lehota - Source of the river Žitava.
Veľký Inovec Mt. - Protected nature reserve, Chalet for tourists, Highest top in the region, 901 m.
Obycké lúky - meadows with protected plants: gentian, gladiolus, iris, daphne, orchis and others.
Road-house Zubor - characteristic restaurant.
Čierne Kľačany - Important finding of Pyxidy (jewel box) dating from the Great Moravian Empire (9th century), Statue of st. Cyril and Methodius.

Topoľčianky Activities

We are able to provide transfer from Topoľčianky to Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest airport.

It is always possible to combine your journey by continuing on another one of our Topoľčianky Cycling Routes.

Included in the price

Hiring of trekking bike for 1 day.

Bicycle map with itinerary (to lend).

If you wish to hire a trekking bike for more days click here

Excluded in the price

Accommodation with meals (upon request).

Helmets, reflexive vests (upon request).

Hotel/airport transfers (upon request).

Guided service in Topoľčianky and its surroundings (upon request).


Renting Conditions

Deposit: 100 EUR per bike.

Remark: Special prices may be negotiated for large groups.

Price list
Basic price 15.00 € / person


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